About Me

I am a follower of the Socratic injunction: Know Thyself. For those who are teachers, which I am, this is particularly important. “We teach who we are,” says Parker Palmer, and before him, Ashley Montague, “that which we are, we teach.” Invariably, the most substantial living pedagogy (that is, teaching that is alive and affects our students deeply) comes from who I am as a person. The ultimate message of living pedagogy comes from Mahatma Gandhi: “Be the change you want see in the world.” I revere this insight. We teach others by who we are, and how we live in the world. As an educator who educates other educators in all walks of life, I am committed to working on my own self-understanding and self-change. 

I was born and raised in an Asian country (Korea); I received my university education in the West, and I raised my own hybridized family here in Canada. The fabric of my psyche is made of Asian spiritual culture (Confucian, Daoist, Buddhist and shamanistic). A fabric which was then shaped, through modernist education both in Korea (where ‘modern’ meant ‘western’) and Canada, into a garment fit for an individualist secular culture of the West. At the university, I studied Western Philosophy, and my mind became technically trained in analytic philosophy, yet my soul never lost touch with Eastern wisdom traditions that wove the original cloth of my consciousness. Through this slow maturation of integration, which has taken many decades of struggle to survive and thrive in an adopted culture, I have arrived intellectually at a place where I am beginning to make a little more comprehensive sense of my life and my world. I am a student of my own life.


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